Need BPY help for a addon that is needed for the bge

I need a addon that does the following on pressing P before starting the game engine

1 - sort through all lamps, any that are marked ‘Removable’ are then recorded in a empty (position, rotation, energy , type etc ) the empty will be - game physics type - static ghost with cube bound (light hook) (for now)

2 - Feed data to bge

3 - My script will use a cone sensor object with a collision sensor , on a layer ONLY with light that is the size of the camera draw distance

4 - a list of unused lights will be used to populate any hooks in the collision volume by adding the lamp from a hidden layer

5 - a system will run through a list of all used lights, and if they are outside the players view, and further then x distance from player, move the lamp back to unused list, and delete lamp.

in short, this will free alot of elbow room for bge game coders,