Need C&C on eyes

This is part of a poster, or shirt logo for my music studio. I’m having some touble getting the right expresion. He looks mean, but I’m going for goovin’

I need some help with the eyes.

Also there is something messed up about this gecko’s right thumb. You can see I tweaked the hand into something more human shaped to see if I could get it right, but it’s still got problems. I’m useing very simple geometry for the hands. Just one loop cut for each finger joint, and a few sub-surfaces. Maybe that’s part of the problem?

Lift up the center of the eye lid a bit and make it follow the contour of the eye more, that will take the “mad” look out of it.

Perhaps try to make the thumb a little thicker, and make it end a little further down the arm (look at your own hand, for inspiration =))

Maybe tilting the eye into more of a horisontal angle would help on the “mad” look… -or try sunglasses for a groovy look :smiley: then you didn’t have to worry as much about the eyes

(please don’t mind any possible grammar/spelling errors =)

Funny you should metion sun glasses. I used the same model with sunglasses for a T-Shirt logo.

Thanks for the feedback on the eyes, they look much better now. I added some more loops, tilted the eyes, brought the lids closer to the eye, and broought up the lower eye lid, and opened the top more.

Now I’ll work on the thumb. Thanks guys.

with the lower lid so high now, it kind of has the expression that it’s high, might he be listening to some Bob Marley? :wink:

hah, bob marly, good one. try making the frog juuuuuusttt next to the cameraand make the eyelids go from the inside to the outside. like this ><

You’re right. He does look a little stoned. I’ll keep messing with it. Blender is a good way to kill a weekend… or Thanksgiving.

I was afraid it looked too much like a frog. It’s supposed to be a gecko. Any ideas on how to make him look less like Kermit?

Who says Kurmet looked like a frog! :wink: I think it looks like a gecko, just needs to be a bit more on the high spectra side with a wet look, maybe some suckers on the fingertips, etc…

Our Muppet friend Kermit was pretty far from a real frog I guess. You should have seen my gecko model when the inside of the mouth was flat! Then he really would fit in with Miss Piggy and Fozzy Bear.

As far as the skin and suction cups go, the idea in my head started out that way, but after looking at lots of real geckos, I thought that just be some non-gecko creature that was in my head. I should go back to that. Suction cups are cool.

I’d do it like you say it in your head, doesn’t need to be exact. BUT, I thought this was intersting, link, scroll down to the popup that says “or Pick foot type” and just look at how many varieties there really are. 8)

Awsome link Khnum! I think I’ll start over with one of the more slipery geckos with sticky feet for reference.