Need CAR model

I need a car model. Its for a no budget Indie film. There is pay.

It’s for a 90s American Sedan. I can buy ready made close to year I want, but not exactly what I want.
Should I have a model made from scratch? or work off an existing model? ie: whats cheaper? You could give me blender , max, obj, formats.

Submit private message here, with name/ email and I will send you pics of car needed, and possible pics of already built models to view. Give me rough estimation of cost also. {also for unique usage 1 , or you can sell again usage 2} also, how long it will take you. Also link to gallery of models/ cars you have done.

thank you

I’ve sent you a PM two days ago. Have you checked lately?

no responce from the post author

If you are looking for a car modeler, you want @tyrant_monkey.