Need Character Builds/Renderings/ Long-term Artistic partnership

Hi everyone.

This is my first post here at Blender. I have no idea where to put this, and hope I’ve done so in the proper forum…

A little about me. I am an Animation industry Storyboard Artist and Director. I am, while working here and there, finalizing development on a few series concepts this year that I’ve been working on for the last few. While I’m a decent and talented traditional Artist, what I am not yet is adept at 3d rendering/rigging/etc. It’s a tool and skill I badly want to explore and develop eventually on my own,( as I did Photoshop/Flash/Cintiq, etc.) but unfortunately, I am pitching my properties well before that eventuality. I would like to talk to a few of you to see if I can find and Artist or Artists that can roughly approximate (or in some cases improve upon) my style(s) and possibly work with me long term this year with getting a few characters/ bg’s/ vehicles/ etc built/rendered in decent (does not have to perfect, or even totally rigged) into 3d format from my 2d drawings for the pitch(s).

Specifically, the job(s) would entail sporadic small gigs on ether rendering final cleaned poses , building a character in pose and/or a scene or two from the various animated series I am developing, (as money allows/interest peaks from studios/ progress culminates during the process) and possibly assisting in the overall development of the look of the shows in an Art Direction scheme of things.

What I am looking for is someone who is interested in seeing what I am doing, making a bit of cash each month/every couple of months, and who might even at some point ( should that work out) come on board as a visual development associate all the way up to the finalization of the properties (however far that goes, but certainly to the finish.)

Now, what I need is the following. As someone who has hired out 3d Artists in the past along the lines of this sort of thing, and having had experience dealing with them to a fair degree, while not totally speaking the language, but understanding enough to be able to communicate within the world of 3d, I need someone who will really take direction well, knowing that when I have a request, it is for a specific reason, and when I give free reign on something, it’s pretty much just that.

Looking for someone not expecting to make a fortune, but who is expecting to be paid decently for their valuable time as an Artisan. I’m not rich, and have no funding. I have money to devote to the task, and it will be on a per project basis, and will be money that I earn to pour into the pipeline personally. Please respect that. I have very good, direct, personal contacts at Networks and various established 3d studios both here in the U.S. and in Canada already interested (who are considering producing at least a few of the properties I’m working on) when they are ready. I am a 18 year industry vet with IMDB credits, and my work currently on the air as we speak (can easily verify this).

Will pay a 1/2 retainer up front for any and all work done.

Bottom line, you tell me A) if you are interested, B) your rates, C) what can I get with how much I have to give you monetarily, and D) What are the time frames and your expectations dealing with me.

Any replies here on the board would be appreciated. I’ll respond to anyone that leaves their links ( need to see your work please) or contact info here on the board.

What styles am I looking for? I have seen a few things I absolutely am blown away by here. Just amazing. I have varied styles between each of the 5 or so series I am developing. Ranging from very pushed character designs, to more subtle things. But NO PHOTO REALISM IN DESIGN in terms of Humans, etc. These are Cartoons. I am looking for someone who can do faces very well, as well as handle very pushed musculature that should not exist in the real world (think “Incredibles”). I am also looking for someone who can handle very odd design rigs (speaking your language here-we may not start out with rigs out of the gate, but a render or build from my drawings, etc before that-let’s talk-but will definitely be rigging at some point into full 3d format) that, again, would have a hard time here and there working in the real world (Think bringing a character like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes into the 3d realm, but still maintaining Waterson’s feel).

Open to Artistic compromise if you can work with what I need.

Please reply here or if you want to leave a message in my message box, you may do that as well. But I will be scanning here on the reply thread first for potentials.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting you all.


You might want to consider multiple people with specific skills and interests in 3d production. I say this because most people have different amounts of time they can devote to projects.

Dear NYA:

Thank you for posting your interest/need here at BlenderArtists. My portfolio is on-line here along with my contact information. It would be fun to work on character animation with you. I <3 NY. Email me a character you have sketched and I’ll take a gander at it. The sketches should be the three orthogonal and a perspective (3/4 probably). I’ll email you the .blend. You see if its something you like, and we’ll go from there, ok?

See ya!

You can take a look at my portfolio here:
If you like my work feel free to PM me and we can discuss things further :slight_smile:

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