Need character made 3d

Make this character a 3d Model for a low price. Can use pay pal to pay. Can use some artistic freedom would like a standing pose dosn’t need the pet can leave that empty please message me with a portfolio and you requested price.
Can email [email protected] with any question. Would like a good turn around time.

fast, cheap and good… please pick two

You might also mention what is a “cheap” price to you. $500 might be a bargain to one person, but maybe you’re looking for $25…

@mattz - thanks for the laugh!

This man expect $100-$150, but after I agree to $150 and he said he will pay the down payment tomorrow, in fact, he cancel it and said to me that he found another modeler that offers cheaper price and more pro, I wonder if a pro willing to undersell his skill that low, unbelievable LOL

Funny, but also a reasonable point. :wink:

I’m hearing more and more about companies in certain countries that are dramatically underselling 3d work. Pretty aggressively from what I know on some freelance sites.

you should specify a few more details about the character. You need it just modeled? Does it has to be rigged for animation? Must have textures?

I wouldn’t even launch Blender for that price, except the client is a good buddy and short on cash.

Almost the same as me, although the my rule is i’ll do it only if “the project is so interesting that i’d do it for nothing”, but i dont even give free work to friends that don’t apply to that rule.

Yah, I agree with you, that time I just finished a work from another client, so I thought I could use this guy’s project to fill my free time and also maybe help this guy because he seems in short on cash, but seems like this guy didn’t notice that, and he really disappoint me with his action.

I agree with you also.

If I get 150$ just for launching Blender (clicking the application icon) then it is a great deal :smiley:

Wise words!

or if it was a really pretty “buddy” :slight_smile:

brilliant! have bookmarked that!