Need Cheap Voice Talent? I found the place!

I was just turned on to this site because my wife uses this service for doing voice overs to her training videos. I had no idea this even existed! I spent a couple of hours listening to voices on this site to find the one I wanted for my zombie character and I ended up e-mailing a guy. He was super professional and gave me a quick quote (which I thought was very reasonable) and then a quick demo using my material. It was AWESOME! There is no way I could have gotten this kind of quality any other way.

So I thought I would pass along the info about this site. It’s really nice to have if you’re making a short or something.

Wow… hey this is right on time I was just starting to wonder about this for some projects I have going… thanks for the Heads up there Tom!

Two thumbs up for this site. I have been using it for quite a while. There is a gentleman on named Scott Pieler that I have used n multiple occasions. Good voice, good recording equipment, and lots of character voices.

Great site! Another one is:
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