Need chrome effect tut

I need a tutorial on getting a chrome effect for metals, like a revolver, in the game blender. Can anyone direct me to one?

heres a demo file i whipped up REAL fast, which shows in the textures =)

press p to watch the chromeyness

anyhoodlydoodle… heres how you do it

-make gun
-duplicate gun
-use alt+s to “fatten” the duplicated gun so its just a bit bigger then the original
-uvmap a picture(preferably black+white) to the duplicated gun
-make sure to turn on the ‘use as refleciton map’ button in the image window for the reflection picture
-now select all the faces, and i nthe vertex paint window, click on ADD, and then COPY DRAW MODE… this will make all the faces use ADD… now darken the vertex paint color to like 0.15, 0.15, 0.15, and then click SETVERTCOLOR… the darker the color, the more clear the reflection map is, giving it just a bit of chromeyness

Thanks great tutorial :smiley: