need comments on this wip (UPDATED gates of hell)

(TazyTiggy) #1

I’m missing something, I think I know what it is, but I need some suggestions. I think it may be to red, I have tried other colors but none seem to fit well.

(Da Bourz) #2

Hi, nice work, a few suggestions anyway :
The gate is “too” in the middle of the image.
There is nothing between the gate and the horizon.
Maybe this is why the image seems a little “empty”

(BetaParticl) #3

A couple of suggestions:
You might try lowering the camera and tilting it up at the gates to make them look more imposing. Another thing you might do is work on the lighting, shadows would be a big help, and maybe a halo effect for some atmosphere.

(pofo) #4

I agree with Bourz, there’s alot of nothing behind the gate and the horizon seems to be a bit low. Try adding some mist, that might fix it.
Also add some color to those heads, at first I thought they were rocks.
The bars in the gates need some more thickness I think, they almost look like strings in the left one. And some hinges would be nice.
I don’t think it’s too red, maybe some textures need more work but the colors are pretty good. And of course there are those strange folds in the sky, maybe they’re supposed to be there but they just look strange.

I guess you were going to change most of that anyway since it’s a wip :wink:

I like the design of the fence, looks like something little children will stick their heads through and get stuck.

Blend on
8) pofo

(TazyTiggy) #5

Ok I made some changes, I have alot of problems getting the lighting right in all my pictures :frowning:

The pictures are different.

(S68) #6

I like the second of the two new ones most.

Modelling is maybe lacking detail, expecially the new figure.

The sky is very interesting, but the gate itself looks strange. Platic like?

Keep it up and post it to the GH contest (see contest forum)


(TazyTiggy) #7

Well I was kind of disappointed at the direction that my scene was taking, so I did alot of changes to it. I changed the floor color, and I don’t think that I will keep it. Another thing is that mist is really getting on my nerves :x . And lastly that lighting still is not right, I have tried many things, and it still doesn’t look right. Anyone have a good tutorial on lighting, cause I REALLY REALLY need one. Well here is the newest pic.

I had to shrink the picture, because it was WAY to big. The big picture can be found at

(BetaParticl) #8

I don’t happen to know of any good lighting tutorials offhand, but there are a few things you should try. The first is to make sure Shadows is clicked in the Render Buttons window, this will enable shadow rendering. Of course, shadows only work with Spot lamps, so you need to use those if you want shadows.
For a scene like this, you will probably want one main light(Spot) that casts shadows. The other lights in the scene should be very low intensity, in order to keep high cantrast and give it that dark, gloomy look. You might try using colored lights, they can help with the feel of things. Have you tried back lighting it? I think that could look cool
I’m looking forward to seeing how this thing turns out!


(Idgas) #9

Beta is right. You should use lamps set to a low value like .20 or so. Then adjust the color. You can use alot of little lamps to give it the right affect. Or just one lamp and parent it to a low count mesh cirlce (about 14) that way you only have one lamp to adjust. Looking good !!!

(TazyTiggy) #10

more changes, added fire. I’m debating on adding people behind the fence, but I’m wondering how original that will turn out to be. So here is the updated picture.

(larger pic here