Need contributors to help create medical educational videos which are free for all.

Hi friends, I am a physician and a self learned blender artist. I have started a YouTube channel where I upload 3D animation videos for medical education. My goal is to create medical animation library which is free for all. This will help medical professionals as well as qurious non-medical persons to understand medical concepts better which ultimately will contribute in better health care. I have been doing it alone so far but now I want to speed up the production. For that I need help from as many of blender artists as possible.

If we team up, I will be focusing on script writing, storyboard, audio recording and mixing it with visuals. And your focus would be on modeling and animation. (Rendering may be shared)

It won’t be possible to pay but your contribution will be mentioned in video itself and will stay there forever. You can also include it in your portfolio. It usually takes 5-7 days to create and release a video. So it won’t take much for your contribution to reflect on internet after you contribute. And of course we can learn more together.

Here are some videos that I have already uploaded. As you would notice, they have relatively easy modeling and animation.
Some of them are going to be very simple like this one.

Some may get a bit more complex like this one.

You can see more videos at youtube channel directly here:

Please contact me here or at [email protected] if you want to contribute in this. Also feel free if you have any suggestion regarding it.
Thanks for your time. Waiting for your message,