Need Creature Concept Artist for Game

Not 3D work, but 2D that’d be used for 3d modeling.

I’m looking for someone who’s good with creature design, and would be willing to do some concept art for a particular creature in a game I’m developing. I have a certain concept in mind, but it’s a bit too vague to simply just begin modeling it in 3D- I’d never get anywhere. So, I’m reaching out to any competent 2D artists who might be interested in helping me out by creating some solid concept drawings to start working from.

The creature itself, I call a voidstalker. In the game, they’re highly-intelligent trans-dimensional beings that manifest themselves as panther-like creatures, but they’re creepier and more alien. I can go into more detail about what they look like to me, but I figure I’ll save that for whoever might be genuinely interested in doing the concept art.

If anyone’s interested in giving it a shot, feel free to post here or send me a PM about it. You’d get the appropriate credit for the artwork, as well- I can at least offer that much.

Hey! I’m a graphic designer and I run a small Illustration company with my GF. Maybe we can help you out. PM me with some details maybe we can colaborate on you’r project! Cheers!