Need critique on architectural exterior shot

Hello there, I hope you all have a healthy day. I’ve been working on a community center project for a while. I would like to get some reviews / critique on the shot down below. I have problems deciding the sample amount or the resolution of the image. Is there any rule of thumb for that? I also need some help with camera settings, I used photographer addon with auto-focus (focus distance: 12 mm, aperture f:6.7) however I still feel like something is odd in the foreground objects like those benches.

So all in all, I would be glad if anyone gives me a hand with the image. Thanks in advance!

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Render settings seem fine.In this kind of shot, the depth of field effect would be minimal to negligigible if you were taking a photograph due to the distance between the closest and furthest point of the building to the camera. I would suggest you work with f9 or more. The blur of the trees behind the community centre make it feel like either a scale model or a scene placed directly within an HDR environment.

There are a general critiques for the image:

  • right in the centre of the image, there is a tree which blocks the building. I would suggest you either use a smaller tree or move the camera to it doesn’t occupy the focal point of the image but falls to the side
  • all the doors to the community rooms seem open and small. Not sure if this is the intention, but I would suggest closing some of them, putting some furniture and people around.
  • nice job on the ground materials. maybe add a bit of dirt
  • grass patch and pavement edge need a bit more texturing where that central tree is located.

Hope that’s useful. Cheers

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Oh thank you for your critique! I intentionally opened all the doors with different angles to give it a more welcoming look, but you are right, I will close / half-open some of them. As you said I am just using an HDR environment. Is it causing any issue, if so how to make it better?

I will try to put some cut out people, but I am not that advanced to match their colors and whatnot, should I just do it in post production, or is there a way to do it before?

One last thing is how to add dirt/grunge easily on that pavement texture? I assume the problem with that is they look super clean.

Yes, great work. I’d desaturate a little bit the colors, and I agree the pavement needs dirt and/or imperfections. And also adjust the shades of green of trees in the background with the ones in foreground.

Hope it helps!

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I wanted to give it a warm welcoming touch by increasing saturation, but I think I went too far with it ^^ Thank you for your suggestion, I had to learn how to save HDRI enviroment separately thanks to your message, so I will adjust them later in photoshop