Need Critique on my Horse.

Hi guys, would you mind helping me out by letting me know of any improvements I could do to my horse whilst its still being textured?

Original mesh: 3.5k verts
Sub surf & multi-res: 60k verts
UV Map: 1024x1024

Cycles render

Thanks heaps!

I think it looks kinda good but for the part where the neck and the back connects. It looks like a fold there.

besides that mentioned neck issue, the head is way too big, and the hoofs too small. form of legs and body pretty good. earsize is good for body, but not in relation to this big head.

The head (muzzle) is just a touch too long for my eye.

Good model so far, but I think your horse is a bit skinny. Maybe you should feed it more often :-). His belly should be more roundy in the bottom. I also think something looks strange with the “shoulder” of its front legs.
A bit more modeling and then you can have fun with the fur particles!

If I could just make a horse at all in Blender I’d be pretty happy, and this is really pretty good so far, not much needing fixing really.
I won’t really go over what everyone else said, because they are valid points and already stated xD
The croup and point of the hips seems too flat - would be fine and nothing I’d worry about if this was a halter-bred Arabian horse, but judging from the roan coat and the tribal paint on the shoulder I’d guess it wasn’t a fancy arabian lol. If not a halter-bred arabian, I’d say bring them up, and round them more, making it steeper from the point of the hips to the tail.
The angle of the shoulder seems really narrow and too ‘leany’? but that could be the texture of the coat I’m not sure. The chest is kinda narrow as well and might need some definition, though I’m not sure because it goes black there.
Regarding the head, is it tipped slightly? The pointy-bit of the eye socket on the horses right eye seems oddly high, but I’m not sure.

I hope you don’t mind, but I doodled over this to kind of illustrate what I meant about various bits and bobs xD
*The lower side of the neck I drew wonky, ignore it entirely. I forgot to smooth that out whoops.