Need critique (specifically on architecture)

Hello! A while ago i started working on my second ever project. I am somewhat content with it but i really need critique on the architecture and structural realism, and also on the choice of textures. (Converting from Minecraft to realistic architecture is quite hard).

This is the render.

Unedited mage.

This is the reference.

Some things you don’t have to critique:

  1. Lack of meshes. Its not finished and i have a full reference image with all needed meshes already.
  2. The “blocks” in front of the camera, i used them only to get the right perspective.
  3. The moon and all that, its just a temporary gif edit to make the image look better.
  4. The fact that its night and not day. Although you are more than welcome to tell me how to get that sweet light in the reference image cause i have no clue of how to do that.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Notice how, in the reference image, light levels are very close and the tone is very consistent. In your render, they are not.

You can load the image into Blender and use its sampling features as though it was a color light-meter to measure both the light intensity and the color at various parts of the reference image. You can also pull a “histogram” to see the distribution of light-levels (and colors) throughout. Your renders should match these histograms, both generally and in each of R, G, and B.

about architectural side… basics first! - composition - understand and use relation (symmetry…) & ratio (3rds, phi…) - starting from POV
structural, realism is not stylized (simplified) but detailed (complexed & perplexed) main attention on joints - where tectonics combine