need critique :)

Hi all, I am beginner in blender, and now I am working on a street model, but I don’t know how to texture it realisticly. I’ve added some textures, but it looks awfull und unrealisticly. Some ideas how to improve it?? :slight_smile:
And, another problem :smiley: - trees are 2D - textured plane, and on the first bench right is ugly shadow line, any ideas, how to fix it?? I’ve tried to disable “tracable” option under tree’s material settings, so line disappeared, but I have feeling, that rest of the shadows in the scene looked bit unrealisticly :(.
Any tip, help, advice how to improve this work will be appreciated :).

Render is attached.


Bump Maps help. Find some good textures. Not the kind that are too repetitive like the one on the ground your using. Make every building a little different. Duplicating the same one is never a good idea. I would also not make it go on forever. Maybe put a T intersection at the end so you don’t get that “it goes on forever” feeling. Then way in the back ground put some low poly squares to get the effect of buildings way off in the distance.

Yes, you are right, thanks for advices, I’m going to improve it :slight_smile:

Your current lighting choices make it look like a miniature. Study some outdoor architectural photos and experiment with lighting options to try and reproduce what you see. A start would be to use a Sun Lamp with fairly low softness values to imitate the look of a clear sky – very soft shadows like in the pic above are only seen on very overcast days or in areas not exposed to direct sun (such as in a shady forest scene). If you like the “AO look,” try using Sun, AO & Environment Lighting together to get a balance between soft-edge shadowing, direct lighting with somewhat harder shadows, and fill lighting that isn’t all one hue.

thanks for reply, I’ll play with lighting :slight_smile:

and bump mapping consists only of adjusting normal value in influence map?