Need critique!

Hello :slight_smile: I recently made this SCP Project, and i really need critique.

I personally find the image to be a Little bit cartoonish. Not the scene itself but rather the characters.

is thsi for a prject or just as a finished picture. If it is for a picture, then i would recommend, that you sould position the camera diferently and give the viewer something interesting in focus (give the picture a story). I would also go over the colors maybe. The kind of do not go well with each other and it gives it a kind of wrong look. Also i dont get what these flying spheres are doing there. And yes you are right the charackters have a little weird look, but it is hard to say what it is in that point of view. Anyways. Nice idea and good work, but answer me that one question, so that i can give you better feedback: Is it going to be a Game or animation or somethign unfinished or will the camera stay there and should that be the final result?

Hi! This is a fan art for a piece of text from the SCP foundation. (Scp-3008). The camera is a bit hard to move, considering most objects are created solely for the purpose of this compisition. Its hard to change.