Need Dinosaur Models!

Hey there, people of Blendswap! My name is MrMister518 and I am a game developer. I am going to be making a game called Dawn of the Dinosaurs using BGE. I haven’t been using BGE for too long and I want to push myself to a challenge. I am going to be making this game with my friends but we can’t really get anything done yet as we are in need of models. But pretty much I’ll explain more about the game.
The idea: The idea of the game is where you play in the Triassic (220 Million years ago to be precise) which is literally the dawn of the dinosaurs. You have a choice of dinosaurs which you can play as. Then the rest is up to you! You have to eat, sleep and survive.
NOTE: Unless you know alot dinosaurs you will probably not be familiar with these The dinosaurs requiring modelling: Coelophysis, Mussaurus, Postosuchus, Plateosaurus, Cynodont and Peteinosaurus. The models do not have to be textured or rigged but if you could do so, that would be appreciated. They should be quite realistic and mid-poly. Message me if you are interested! (You will gain full credit for your work)
Thank you for reading :slight_smile: