Need double click for mouse sensor.

by thread name.
I want BGE to has sensor for mouse double press.
it’ll be more easy to made game that have to use mouse press and mouse double press.
sorry for bad English.

Ok so, in logic (this may need adjustment)


if greater then 1----------and------------------Do thing

also, I need it on press and release…

right now holding the button is like double clicking over and over …

ok, got it

needs some adjustments :slight_smile:

but it works :slight_smile:


Double.blend (470 KB)

Better use a timer property. With that you do not need to count by yourself.

property “clickTimer” Timer, 0

Mouse click -> OR -> property actuator property: “clickTimer” value: (whatever you want in seconds but negative e.g. -0.1)
Mouse click + Property sensor “clickTimer” Interval: -9999 to 0 --> AND -> You double click actions

Thank you monster, I don’t understand though, can you pop out a little script?