Need Dragon 3d model for FOSS game "Open Dungeons"

Hi, im a collaborator for “Open Dungeons” an open source remake of dungeon keeper, we really are in need of a lot of models but the dragon one is the most critical (we are using a really ugly one). The picture is from the game “Infinity blade 3” but portraits really well what we want, a bipedal dragon (not the common quadruped), we would like something very close to it (but in a red hue); 3k polys would be the sweetspot but we dont mind if it ranges up to 5-6k polys.Textures, normals, rigging and animations would be really welcome as well, but since i know hard it is at the very least it should be textured. Should someone animate it as well this is what we need: walk, run, flying, 2 different body attacks, spitting fire, receiving damage, sleeping (just a pose) and dying.

Thanks to anyone who takes the task.