Need duplicate vertices for correct OBJ export (solved)

Hi there. I’m trying to use Blender to create models for use in a 3D game I’m developing for a class. The game reads only the OBJ file format to load models.

I have created a model and unwrapped it nicely, but there is a problem: when I export the OBJ file, there are more texture coordinates than there are vertices! This is because some of the vertices have more than one texture coordinate, since they appear in more than one place in the UV unwrapping (they lie on a seam). The OBJ file loader I’m using expects one texture coordinate per vertex. Yesterday I was able to correct this problem for a (MUCH) simpler model by selecting the vertices on the seams and then essentially duplicating them with “Rip” (V). Then when the OBJ file was exported, the number of vertices matched the number of texture coordinates and the model loaded and displayed correctly in my application.

I don’t understand the vertex commands well enough to figure out a way to create N copies of a vertex that is on N seams. Some of my vertices are part of three seams. Can anyone help me?

I guess I was having some other problem, because the OBJ file that Blender exported turned out to be fine.