NEED EXPERT HELP PLEASE:Walk cycle with offsbone

Hi blenders

I need some help using the offset bone.
I’ve read how to use the offsbone but I cannot get it to work what am I doing wrong?

I have made a walk action of 40 frames. It is called walk. It is not on the spot, he takes 2 steps forwards.
I have converted the action into an NLA strip by pressing C in the NLA editor
I go to strip properties by pressing N

Here I type “head” into offsbone. (head is the name of the headbone of my rig)
I set repeat to 5

Meanwhile in the logic settings of the armature:
Keypress (arrow up) => AND => Action,

AC: walk
start frame 1
end frame 40

When I press P to start the BGE then press up to begin walking, he walks but then it loops from his starting position (he jumps backwards)
TY in advance :slight_smile:

PS I’m using Blender 2.49b

um, easy… don’t make the bones offset.

make the armature a child of a control box and move that instead.

Thanks, but I specifically want to use offset bone. This way the feet contact the ground properly


That’s not how it works in the game engine. Re-animate him so he walks on the spot, and then make the object move with motion controls

Uhh, why would you need to do that?

Thankyou Eterniam.
Best answer by far