Need expert in Blender (textures, models, rigs) freelance based

Hi everyone,

About a year ago I started to create a mobile fighting game. I’m close to finishing the game but I need some final assets and some improvements. I’m looking for a person that is an expert in textures, models and rigs. I have high expectation but I offer good payments (plus as a bonus a share of a game, no worries I won’t ask for a discount on the assets).

To get a sense of the quality + style of the game, here some screenshots of 3 months ago, a lot has been improved as well but still it’s a good indication:

Final requirements: good english write and speak level + timezone between utc-10 and utc+2.

Let me know on skype if you’re interested: Kevin.Vermaat from Rotterdam. Thanks ! :slight_smile:


My name is Rogério Perdiz, I’m from Portugal and a professional freelance blender artist since 2009.
If you can sketch it I can make it for you in the way you want it, doesn’t matter what it is.
I made everything you can name in the past and in the remote chance you do can name something new, I would do it even with more motivation.

I don’t use Skype or any live message software doe :frowning: …it slows down productivity.
Usually I work with e-mails, sending a summary of the WIP or the model done at the end of each work day.
I’m interested and curious about more details.

Here goes my story and contacts:

Hi, PM sent.

Hey, this looks fun! Heres a link to my work, hope I can work with you (UK)