Need expert in realistic rendering, animation and simulation for jewelry video.

Closed !

I want to make a commercial for a jewelry product. I have .stl exports of the jewelry product although there are some errors in the models and will later have to be edited. Below is the render that I created and a picture of the real jewelry piece. I would gladly work with someone that can provide realistic renders of the jewelry and is able to animate close up shots as well as make the rings disintegrate and render fire. I have a general story board for the commercial it involves some glass braking, rings disintegrating to form new ones, rings disintegrating and having a fluid simulation that is made up out of the dust, a simple animation of the dust spinning and later forming into two balls that collide into each other, a fire simulation on the collision, and renders of the close ups of the jewelry. I have a more detailed explanation for the person that is willing to work with me. My budget is up to 4k. Please provide sample renders of the ring if you are interested, the best render. If you feel like the project will cost more than 4k please let me know and we can negotiate.

here is the export ring:

Hi… I’m interested and I think I’m apt for the job!..

Here’s a render I did like 3 years ago, there’s little jewelry and the image centers on a realistic feel.

I’m also the creator of the “bmps”, Blender Material Preview Scenes… So I think I have good skills for modeling and all kind of simulations.

Here’s also a short animation I did some months ago involving realistic lens flare effects and smoke.

Let me know if you’re interested.

I am very interested in working with you, however, I don’t run the business solely by myself and I would require you to render the attached file in blender so I can show your work to my fellow workers. I hope it isn’t too big of an inconvenience, and I would truly appreciate it if you took your time to create a sample from the stl object. I hope to do business with you.

Oh, and here’s a 1-hour work with the STL file you posted, :)…


Oh, and here’s a 1-hour work with the STL file you posted, :)…

Thank you for your consideration. About 4 minutes to render each frame.

And here’s a short video to demonstrate the fire/dispersion in the diamond (401 frames at 1 min 23 sec per frame to render):

Here is my shot