Need fbx export help

So far I cant find a way to do this and it seems the only options are kinda back end behind the scenes editing of files. Which I am all game for but nothing seems to work. I just need the FBX export to allow me to export vertex normals I have edited in the blend file.

I have done this in blender now I just need to to export this way. but as soon as I do the export it just reverts all the normal’s to pointing perpendicular to the face as is standard. Is there any fix to this? will we see any fix to this? Any help or scripts that might fix this issue would be greatly appreciated

Hi FugenRa, the normals are always pointing perpendicular to the face(assuming you mean facenormals). The FBX Exporter works correctly(just tested exporting 2 Faces into Unity). Can you specify the problem?

Hi yea I get that the face normals point perpendicular but I transferred normal information that makes them point out ward from the tree in a sphere shape this corrects the lighting so you don’t get inconsistent lighting where some faces are darker because all there normal directions are perpendicular. Now as you can see in the image I have already transferred the normals. Any time I export it seems to recalculate and put them back perpendicular. FBX should be able to carry the information but maybe it’s not supported in this edition.