Need feedback for a project (XNA game).

I’ve made a small game as a project for a college course and must do a presentation about it later. I need people to test it and give me feedback because that is part of what I must talk about. I hate asking people to do things, but I do need some feedback and I haven’t heard anything from the users of gamejolt.

The game was made using Microsoft’s XNA framework and can be played with a keyboard or Xbox 360 controller. I was focused mostly on programming and AI and so the graphics are poor.
Negative feedback is welcome (and kind of expected, because honestly the game is boring too).
Feel free to Email or PM me.

Here it is:


Interesting game. I’m not sure what level of programming expertise you have, but here’s what I would suggest changing…

Having to control the cursor with the arrow keys is rather awkward, and would be much easier to do with the mouse.
Keep selected characters within the view, and maybe shift the view slightly in the direction the characters are facing.
When character(s) is(are) attacked, shift view to be able to actually see (and respond to) the attacker.

The keys for specific actions can be learned and remembered, but the which-key-does-what assignments probably could use changes. For instance, the spacebar might be a better choice for the “Fire” key. Instead of two different keys to select and deselect all, use the same key to toggle select/deselect all.

Thanks, Greg. This kind of feedback is really helpful. You made some good points. I designed this with the Xbox controller in mind so I’ve been neglecting other types of input. This game started as sort of an experiment for me to try things such as path finding and learning C# and XNA, as well as trying to see how playable or fun this type of game would be. I really should have supported mouse input though.