Need Feedback on New Room Render

For some reason I am unable to upload my render but here is the link:
Thanks, Ewan

I like the floor texture and that you tried using complementary colors for lighting.

Everything else could be improved, which might mean different floor and lighting as well.

Title says it’s a room render but can’t tell what room it is, or what the shown space is used for. It looks as if the room is under construction and someone brought a new couch in and put the shelves where they shouldn’t be. There’s no skirting/baseboard, no carpet, lack of items, almost pristine couch, and can’t tell what the cloth on the couch is and why it’s there.

Knowing the purpose of the room and/or the shown space would help planning the scene. Could also think about what kind of people live in the house and how they would use it, even if it’s a showroom space.

Centered composition is very unpleasing. The camera is low just above seat height, default 35mm lens, which might work but not aligned perfectly with the back wall.

The cloth on the left and the shelves with their shadows gives enough contrast points to make the image visually unbalanced (to the left), and the few guiding lines that get formed from the items points to the right, but is not enough to balance the image and there’s no actual interest point. The viewer probably would look the left first, goes “meh”, then to the right, again “meh”, the shelves/couch, and then close the image, using under two seconds to decide they’re not interested.

The way to make it interesting is to have a backstory so you know what to put there and why. Could also have interesting designs in, interesting color choices, but without forgetting coherence.

Modeling, Materials/textures, Lighting:
Double check the scale/proportions of everything, and also the position when placing shelves so that people who are intended to sit on a couch wouldn’t hit their heads on them. Bevel modifier helps to get rid of perfect 90° angles.

Soft cushions have more subtle variations on them. Cloth might have a lot of wrinkles but the largest protruding portion on it would get folded because of gravity (unless it’s thick material or holds its form for some reason, making it even more confusing).

More surface variation and subtle imperfections on model/materials where needed. Lighting from side(s) like that would make those more apparent so now they’re clearly missing.

JA12 gives an accurate, if somewhat blunt, observation.

I will talk about what I like first. What I like about this image is the color scheme. The complimentary color scheme is very nice.

Too sad that that is all I liked.

The biggest problem with this image for me is that, it lacked anything special. This is a rather minimalist render with just the couch and a few shelving unit against a plain background.

Minimalism could work. I had seen beautiful renders similar to this. Just a chair on a simple background. The thing is, minimalism uses simplicity of the composition to focus on other things like texture, shape, details and lighting.

Take this for example:

It is a simple as can be. A chair, a potted plant and some light bulbs against a wall. But look at the textures, the details and the lighting. The composition is simple but everything is well executed to create a strong imagery.

Yours however: The lighting lacks flair. It is harsh and unappealing. The couch is blocky. It is just blocks clumped together without any work done on the details. Aside from the floor, there is barely any texture. Plain flat solid colors is boring. The shelving unit is just basic. There is even no attempt to fill it with knickknacks. Overall, it just lacks polish. It could even be called lazy. Just because you are trying to be minimal, doesn’t mean you don’t put effort on anything.

If you want to keep the minimalist composition, then you have to work hard on other areas:

‣The lighting needs to be improved. This a complex subject and base a lot on the artist taste and preference and what is your aiming for. Creative Shrimps has lots of great tutorials on this and you could also look on other tutorials.

‣You need to add interesting textures. Example, fabrics on the couch and cushion, and concrete/plaster/wood/paint/etc. on the wall.

‣You really need a more interesting model. Maybe give you model some interesting details like fabric folds, seams, piping, etc.

‣A focal point. Something that draws the eye. Martinez has his plant. You should have yours too. A quilt? A hand bag? A chihuahua?

‣A little photo editing. You really have to do it to give your render more oomph.

Unlike the others I will focus mainly on the render and objects…

  1. The couch looks like its levitating over the floor because I dont see any legs. Its made from a basic objects and these does not fit very well to each other - gaps on sides, between blocks and so on. On the right and left upper block there is a little sculpt or what are those “scratches”? Also texturing/shadering could be much better in fact but I guess U know…

  2. Shelves basic, the same all three of them, also no textures and poor shaders again.

  3. Cloth looks weird to me. Wrinkles only on edges and the back part seems to be still in the air. If not than the cloth simulation Uve done has bad parameters and this is the result.

What to do to improve Your render…

  1. Looks like the whole scene is lit by a lamp so make some interesting one and place it in the right 3rd of the image with this warm colour which is GREAT in fact. Also move the whole couch to the left.

  2. Make some bump mapping to the floor texture cause the light will affect it greatly and the image will get a fresh new look.

  3. Model some interesting shelves or in fact U could make only one but something different like here:

  1. Tweak the shaders and add some more textures (fabric for the couch, wood for the shelves etc.)

  2. Use the DoF to make the scene more interesting and some GAMMA correction to add some contrast.

    Sincerely, Jan