need female voice actor

Hey if there are any female blender users out there i need your voice. my project is a 3d sci fi animation. I need a voice for a computer( like in star trek)

here is the story

does any girl want to try for it?

if you want to try it just reply below. thankyou

I would do it but:

  1. I am not a voice actress
  2. I am foreign so I have a small accent (I mean really small lol)


you don’t have to be a voice actress ( and a woman, girl etc.) as for the accent ( I don’t care) The world at the this point is under one government so a accent wouldn’t kill it.

if you could just have a go with these lines. I can message you my email.

“Hello Ensign Hayword”


“The back up security has activated the protocol Alpha-Zulu-1.”

“The 24 hour wakeup of all stasis pods.”

“Three years and six months.”

if you could please do it in this style…

OK I will try and you see if you like it :slight_smile: You can PM me ur email.

I’m no girl but I guess I could take a whack at it. I learned a trick that they used for the voices in portal and have the software to do that.

well if the pilot episode goes good then I will need some other voice actors for the second episode where more of the characters awake from stasis.

Okay…sounds good.