need fighting game camera (script?)

hey, i want a good camera for my fighting game

both players should be visible at all times and i want the camera to move back when they get further apart, how can i do this?

i’ve seen some fancy camera scripts before, anyone know what i’m talking about?

thanks :smiley:

I would think that if the fighters only move on one axis, you could use a script that could take the, say X positon, of both characters, then find the midpoint, and set the camera’s position using that, and zoom out as needed.

check games/tutorial post above… i have the arena camera script youre looking for… its rough, really rough! but if you need something better ill make it… the nan fighting demo has a perfectly working camera, ill try to get it that good

Monkeyboi and someone else made fancy camera scripts

mokeyboi had one for his contest game where 2 cars were always on the screen in a racing game

someone else made an EXCITEBIKE style game with 2 players and they wer both always on the screen?

could one of you guys or anyone else help me?


could one of you guys or anyone else help me?

yeah, i can

rebuilt it…

WOW, thanks blengine, your camera script rock!

now, its back to work for me… :wink:

wow cool. :smiley:

This script is COOOL!

Hopefully i will give this a good use, SOMEDAY :smiley: