Need first aid with fixing an UV map.

Hello everyone!
It’s my first post in here, I’ve been modeling with blender for like day or two, and I’m quite noob with bazilion problems.
I made panties model with cube, just as it looks in picture

Sadly the problem is when I’m trying to make uv map of that…I have no idea how to cut it so it doesn’t have these long…thin lines on UV map. I also wanted to mark front of panties to put something there like, but comparing to rest of objects in uv map even if I mark it as it looks like it just spreads into few pieces all over map…or just one almost thin line while on panties it’s shape reminding square proportions at least. it’s really irritating and I have no idea how to fix that…is it problem with model or am I just too dumb to mark seams properly? Or do I have to rezise everything on map till I finally make it look clear?
I’ll really appreciate help with that >_>
PS. I don’t really need these thin edges that you can see from top view and bottom view, because these will be barely visible.

Hmm, check out the attached image, it’s not like your panty model, but it shows the marked edges. hopefully, some seasoned blenderartist is going to give you a very good answer.

Looks like the first thing you need to do is clear the objects scale with Ctrl+A / scale (object mode). Then try unwrapping again. It’s impossible to see where you have put seams in your image so attach your blend file or post it to

So I did whole model once more to make it a little bit less sloppy ( I think I’m gonna be some pantie master after number of panties model I made so far >_>), applied scale as Richar Marklew said and marked seam just like dukejib said and it works like a charm now! :smiley:
Thank You very much, I had no idea about applying scale thing, and seems like I kept cutting it odd way. You guys are lifesavers, now I feel like newborn :smiley: