Need for a seperate part in the forum for sculpting

Hi Friends
I believe there should be a seperate section for sculpting.Whats your opinion?

Sure, why not, might help the community grow some fine sculptors.

i assume you mean in the support section?


imo the animation and sculpting forums should probably have their own category, eg. special or technique . :slight_smile:

Maybe it would be also nice to have new Rigging section apart to Animation one. Sorry to hijack this thread.

Agree a separate zone for Sculpt, Animation and Texturing and Lighting will be nice.

Not just sculpt.

It will be easy for newcomers to get in the zone they wanna be !

At the risk of sounding unpopular - I think the categories are pretty well split as is. From a really basic technical point of view, sculpting is pretty straight forward to ‘do’ as far as having its own support thread (most questions can probably fit in under modelling support). If it was to have it’s own thread in amongst ‘Artwork’ like WIP, FCrit then you are either going to be showing the progress of your work - ie WIP or asking for artistic critique - ie FCrit.

Sure, it would be more focused in it’s own section. But do we then have individual ‘Hard Surface’ and ‘Organic’ modelling sections?

I’d like the attention that would get, but suddenly the work Mods have to do is split into further areas - particularly if ‘sculpt’ was the first of a few new sections.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sculpting. I have Zbrush and a section here would help me make more use of Blender’s sculpt and the relationship between the two programs, etc etc. It’s a nice idea, but I’m just wondering what direction this idea takes the forum layout in for future features.

Yes, separated forum needed for the 4 or 5 Blender sculpters. :slight_smile:

am i missing something…? we already have those sections…

endi: just because people don’t post their work on forums, doesn’t mean there aren’t people using features. your attitude on being above other users is getting a bit old too… :frowning:


4 or 5 now.

How many tomorrow? :eyebrowlift:

If the sculpt tool advances a little more, I see creating a sculpting sub-forum as a logical advancement.

Since there are other softwares that do only sculpting (zbrush,mud box,etc…) … And they do it really well … I believe bringing a common place for artwork and tutorials for sculpting would be good… And this section could also include the real time texture painting when it comes to blender…( I think people are already using the vertex paint mode to do that… )
I believe forums should be arranged according to purpose of usage of the software,like video editting,everything related to charactor,architecture,stills,etc… can be different sections(and maybe taking workflow into consideration)…
that would make some sense to new users… but again that can also be made complicated for new users (it depends on who does the catogarization)… anyway this is just what I think abt this…

fazillatheef agree!