Need for Compute capability 1.1 -version for Linux

hi mib!
r45358 came right after my post here with ‘svn up’ :). I’m not currently at my pc, will answer lil later, when at home. Hope it is latest available driver from nvidia, it was - week ago… Not certain about CT version. What exactly would you like to see as an AO example -.blend or image?

So weird, hehe… I wonder why it doesn’t work under Windows. :stuck_out_tongue:

@eppo, nothing says more than a .blend.

THX, mib.

Here’s file, specs should be in it. Makes use of AO and ColorRamp node. All older files more than 1M verts do not run - cycles out of memory. Got greedier…
Oops - did not include separate AO render pass, just clicked in World settings :frowning: .
cuda.h which i was hunting for a while reports #define CUDA_VERSION 4000 /* 4.0 */

Aaand… i was terribly wrong saying that cc1.0 card is able to produce ao render pass using GPU. Zero. Black. It works only when Supported and CPU is selected. Same goes to Normal, Environment, did not check others.
Windowshopping mode switched to shopping. Click. Need upgrade :(.

Thank you for the file, nice heli btw. :), but can´t get ao to work with my GTX 260 CC 1.3.
I have the same cuda and driver version but ao is CPU only for me. Color ramps are working.
I update my GFX card next week, so I leave it for now.

Cheers, and THX for your help, mib.