Need For Physics

I thought I’d share this so here.

NFP (Need For Physics) is a car physics engine which would replicate the handling model of old NFS games as accurate as possible.
Currently unfinished.

There’s a lot of features to explain in full detail so I suggest you should play around with it first.


Thanks for sharing! Can you tell which version of BGE it depends on?

I know, I know, everybody is on UPBGE these days, but I still check things in 2.79b. No luck though with it though.

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Man, great work! Vehicle physics is so hard to make, but you made it in good detail. I’ll surely study your scripts, thanks for sharing. I suggest putting a video on your post to draw more attention of people.

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Added a track from TORCS, as it was a bit frustrating falling into pits while playing. :sweat_smile:

NeedForPhysics.7z (4.2 MB)


I made it on 2.76 so I’m sure it depends on every version after it.

Currently not supported on UPBGE 0.3.0 though.

I’ve done some updates to the physics as well as adding in Speedbreaker effect, Drive-train settings, and gear assistance. I had to move it over to 2.79 for the TimeScale module to work.