Need for Speed Underground2

I just bought Need for Speed underground2 and it runs very slow for me … i dont know why. I have 512mb ram…isnt that enough to run the game??

You provided too little information.

Whats the requirements of the game?
What your complete system specification?

options>display>customize bla bla…
anti-aliasing and motion blur makes the game very slow… world details and some other stuff… but all reflections should be the highest…

that game is a total crap… all you can do is to race with your perfect tuned up car…

What’s type of video card do you have? That’s really what’s going to make the difference IMO.

NFSU2 works just fine on my PS2. If your PC isn’t that fast, you should just get a PS2 rather than spend all the money on an upgrade.

Oh, but you should have gotten burnout 3 instead. NFSU2 looks kinda boring They also seem to have made it more like midnight club 2.