Need Fresh Eyes and Someone to Show me where to Improve

Started Blender about a month ago and have done my Donut and Coffee. Now on to bigger things. Just need some critiques to do better. Any observation and advice will be appreciated!

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A: Too bright, maybe a problem with light placement.
B: Looks unrealistic because there are no materials of that color. Maybe reduce the Metalic slider on those or change them to a less saturated color.
C: Too saturated and too smooth. Reduce the saturation of that color and increase the roughness slightly. Even polished metal has some roughness.
D: Reflections don’t get blurrier towards the camera, probably because the roughness is set to 0, increase it a little bit.
E: Hard to read because of low contrast.
F: The bullet tips are the same color as the background and that makes it hard to see if there is no light reflecting in them. Think about increasing the contrast by making the background a bit darker.

Modeling looks great and I love the detail. Great job and keep it up!

Yep and Yep on all the points!
Studio set ups and lighting are not easy.
I was a bit hesitant on adding a too much roughness. Need to find some good Textures and normals.
Now back to the grind stone!
Thank you!

Here’s a Blender Guru tutorial on making realistic metals.