Need GameLogic help

I am learning python, and i would like to know why when i put the line
import GameLogic in the first line of the text editor, it says that the module does not exist…any ideas?

%| Umm you are running the script in game right… and not pressing alt-p…


always->Python(‘script name here’)

Press p in the game engine and it runs once if you have pulse mode off.

Jason Lin

The DOS command line starts freaking out and repeats itself over and over and i cant read it. I would like to know where i can find a tutorial for all the things gamePython can do also. any ideas for either of these?

import GameLogic
these is the intro to the logic in blender only
you have to use it in blander text window only

Go here for a gamelogic and python document on the blender game engine.

It should clear some things up for you. Enjoy.

Jason Lin