Need good Env map

Hello there,

does anyone has a good Envmap that I could use for mij Mercedes ??? or does somebody knows how to create a good one thnx anyways


for game engine:
render a square image of a sphere reflecting the environment

make the sphere fill the entire image

for blender:
give an envmap texture to something
give it an object (empty preferably) to get env map from

render an image (doesn’t matter where camera is)
in texture buttons for that envmap there is a save button

the trick is making an interesting environment

another way to do reflections on a car is to load a pic of a sky in texture buttons, and set that channel to ‘refl’.
<edit> change it also to ‘add’ rather than ‘mix’.

Hé z3r0 d&Modron thank you for the reply, That sky idea was a good idea but have give the world a Sky texture

This is what i have at this moment

Thnxs Wessx

Got a nother question:

How can I lett it reflect softly not to hard???

THNX anyways Wessx

you mean blur it? no way i know… use a blured env-texture.