Need Good Voice Actors for Blender Youtube full length Series

Hello, Community!
My name is Caleb Huizenga and I am creating a short film thats contains all the characters from the open movies. I have the voice actor for Sintel, but I need more people. If this is an awesome success, then you might be paid, but I cannot assure you of this.
Tom: 30-40 years old, experienced, need to be serious.
Big Buck Bunny: Any age over 15. Seriousness is not a matter. :slight_smile:
Proog: 40-50 evil sounding, serious, experienced.
Emo: 15-25 Weird sounding innocent teen.
Ton Roosendal: 30-40 Strong Dutch Accent, no offense, Roosendal, your voice sounds cool!
Guardian: Any age over 30, evil violence loving menace.
Frankie: As in yo frankie, high sounding sort of evil voice. :slight_smile:
If you would like to volunteer, please no cussing or swearing be nice, and contact me on Skype: [email protected], that is also my email, send me a PM, and/or join my KIDS OF BLENDER group. :slight_smile: Don’t worry, I want adults! Just join! Please send me a voice recording of your voice saying “The red fox eats dogs for brunch and lunch and brunch and supper.” Just to make sure your good!

-Thank You all,
Caleb Huizenga

When would the recording happen? Is the script done, or would we have to wait awhile?

The script for ep. 1 is finshed, we will talk on skype to find out recording time, etc. etc.

Oh, so this is a series? You say “short film” in the post–that’s a bit confusing. I don’t think I want to commit to a series, but if you have any extras (who don’t come up in multiple episodes) I’d be happy to voice them.

OK just Skype me, or email me, or PM me and I’ll find one. One guardian only shows up once, but is killed. :slight_smile:

Not sure why you like dutch voices, but i happen to be a native dutch guy too.
I might not be a fluent speaker perhaps but if you like i could bring you into contact with Dutch and Norwegian translators, who have their own funny way of speaking English, well “funny” no its their profession, and “they” speak English better then i do, if you like to i could bring you into contact with professional translators just let me know.

Yeah, that would be great!

interested. can you make a sample of the script available. I will then email a sample.

Ok, yeah, I will see if I can post it.

Bteam.pdf (52.6 KB)
I think that’s it. It might not be the full one though.

You’ll have to download it.

Anyone still interested? UPDATE: Thinking about hiring Jan Mortgenstern for the B-Team. He helped with mostly all the open movies.

Update: The acting place for Tom is not available. Also, I understand nobody wants to volunteer as an Emo-ish freak. So if you guys could find people, who maybe don’t even know about blender, but are good actors, please have them talk to me. Do not worry about Emo, we will find an actor later, just think about the others. Your names will be added in the credits, this also hopefully will be posted on Blendernation, and other news sites, and youtube! Thank you!

Quite the contrary, I would love to volunteer as an Emo-ish freak. I’ll try out some voices and send you some audio soon!

I might be interested in playing an Emo-like character if you need someone. If you could send me a PM with more details that would be great.

May I ask what the plans are to record the voices?
Also what software you are using?

We plan to just discuss things over Skype with non-video group calls. We record with anything, and I will try to delete the noise once it is sent to me over PM, Skype or Email.

My friend @JoshCo99 will do a voice if you want. You can PM him on his profile page if you want. I don’t think he has a mic though.