Need Graphic Artist/3D Modeler for Project Novanius

Hello Blender users,
I come representing a group of youth starting our own Social Avatar Hangout called Novanius, a site that shares the best qualities from both a video game AND a social network. While development on the project is going very well, we wish to “take it up a notch” and literally adding a dimension to our work. What we request is someone to join the project, make 3D models, and excel in 2D graphics and textures.

Here is some in depth info:
*Our first major job we need from a volunteer is a 3D avatar, to be simple, but realistic and very humanlike.
*We are currently a small volunteer team. We have plans to monetize content on Novanius shortly after its release, meaning we do have plans to pay dedicated volunteers.
*2D textures for parts of the avatar are also needed in order to allow users to customize their avatars
*We require at least a year of experience with Blender for this position, as well as good bitmap illustration skills
*Our avatar does not need to be animated. However, different poses are highly desirable
*Our avatar has to be in a format that is easily able to be rendered on webpages as well as be scaled on said webpages
*Workers that stay with us may also be granted Administrator positions at Novanius depending on their dedication, experience, and maturity.
*Should you stay with us, which is highly recommended, you will be required to be active on Novanius as a Beta Tester and as a Staff member

If you are interested in this position, please email us at [email protected]

(Our old website is TERRIBLY outdated and will be replaced with Novanius very soon)