Need guidance please...

This isn’t an official work in progress but I figured I’d get more help here. It’s my first head and I need help cutting in the the loops for the eyes and mouth. Any suggestions on how you guys/gals would go about this or some reading on how to use /cleaning up after the knife tool would be appreciated.


Well, it’s something you are working on, and it’s in progress… :slight_smile:

So, attaching ears… hmm, well that was actually the hardest part for the character I’m working on. I had to rework my ear to get the poly-count lower and then I added edge loops (alot of edge loops) behind the ear because that part will never be animated, nor likely even seen. I kept everything in quad-poly’s. I’m not sure if I can explain it much better than this.

One thing I do suggest is to get most of your head (including the neck) done before worrying about attaching the ear. That way you have the portions of the head the way you want them, you will be able to better determine where to remove face(s) where the ear should go, and you should have more edges and verts to work with which means less loop-cuts.

Hope this helps!

Lol thnx for that helpful info but im need help adding cuts for the eyes/mouth…when i use the knife tool it completely destroys the mesh with unwanted edges and verts. If there is another way to add the loops for the eyes and mouth I’m all ears :smiley:

For eye holes, simply remove the faces that are over your background image of the eyes. Then you can use that sqare hole and extrude your lids from. Just message the holes till they fit your need. Same goes for the mouth.

If you want to create loops for the eyes and mouth, after you have removed the faces where the eyes/mouth will go, select the verts surrounding the holes and extrude --> scale in, and so on until you have the neccessary amount for the detail you are looking for. If you are looking to add new loops altogether, CTRL-R is probably what you are looking for.
It looks like you are box modelling (starting with a box and working it from there), I’m not very familiar with that technique. I use Torq’s edge-loop technique myself. There’s nothing wrong with box-modelling, btw. Just different styles…

Yea…i feel in love with that method for some reason :wink: Thnx Khnum and Soter for the help

I’ve always had the impression of this one being quite a popular look.

Even though you’ve started out with box modelling this technique should be appliable.

Best of wishes!