Need guidance recreating attached (dynamic looking chunk)

I follow a guy on Dribbble who makes some really awesome looking renders ( but he uses c4d. I use it for inspiration for the stuff I’ve been making.

Are there any addons or techniques to make the attached object? Any add-ons or procedurally generated options?

(Bonus Points for tips on that type of shader, too)

The outer, rough part likely could be done with a displace modifier fed by a clouds texture.

The cell fracture addon can help with the breaking, but it creates flat cut surfaces. Would have to think about a trick to make the cuts concave. Maybe someone else has an idea.

A similar shader can be made by using 3 glossy shaders, one for each color channel, and the added together with add shaders. Use different roughnesses for each color channel, and maybe adjust the intensity with fresnel nodes (different IOR for each color channel).

Thanks for the suggestions!