Need Guidance

I wondering if there is an easier way to make the edges of things smoother. The method I currently use takes way too long and I figure there has to be a faster way. Also how would you go about cleaning up the topology of my BC Rich Draco guitar body?

Draco_body_finished.blend (261 KB)

The smoothness of organc shapes is normally created by a sudivision surface modifier or a multiresolution modifier for sculpting. If combined with an edgesplit modifier, it can work for some hard surfaces, too. You can also start with curves to form your shape.

Unfortunately, good topology/modeling is not simple or trivial to achieve and cleaning up your model would be a tedious task, so i would like to refer you to some modeling tutorials at blendercookie.

Yeah go and learn the topology of basic human models first and then go on from there. If you want it smooth go into edit mode and click T for your tools on the left it says Smooth. Click then turn up subsurf in modifiers.