Need Help 45 degree metal slates

Hey guys,
So I’m not sure the best way to go about making 45 degree angle slates or holes in a metal slab. Here’s my attempt which you can see wasn’t very successful what I did was make the rounded slates then applied an array to it connected those and extruded, but it’s pretty messy. Anyone have any thoughts on how to accomplish this.

Thanks in advance.

The approach was fine, array->apply array->connect, i would have done the same, just after u apply the array modifier u just need to think a little where you need to redirect the edges, where u need clean loops etc, thats all there is, also its best if u make loops around your holes, that way you dont get mesh tearing into the hole,

the holes in mesh always tend to look a little messy no mater what compared rest of the mesh topology, you can just make them less messy
did a quickie for example, if i would have modeled it:

Thanks for the reply, I’ve tried twice now and can’t seem to get mine as nice as yours, not sure I understand well enough about where to redirect edges, to get a clean layout. You won’t happen to mind offering up that blend, would you?

though the image should have been fairly clear, i dont mind giving the blend, so here it is :slight_smile:


metalslate.blend (329 KB)

If you want to make something round from simple geometry, use Subsurf modifier. Only thing you need to watch out for is to add appropriate cuts to control how round geometry is created using Subsurf.

Here I started from plane, slanted it, added cuts, Pic A. Remove slats faces, add Subsurf to see how things look, and remove unwanted vertices, Pic B. Than slots were created with array modifier. Pic C.