Need help about merge objects.

Ok so I have a car model which its parts are divided into many objects. What I wanna do is, make animation which the car will rotate around it self… But to do that I guess I have to merge the different objects into one (the car).

When I try to merge the objects into one, the car’s parts distort and doesnt give me the result I wanted… Any ideas/help how to fix this ?? Maybe I don’t need to merge the car’s parts into one ?? Or I have to merge them but in different way ??
I post two screenshots. The 1st shows the car in different object and the 2nd shows the result after the merge.


Ctrl+J joins the selected parts to the currently active part and inherit the modifiers that the active object has.
From the outliner you can see the objects already have modifiers so you need to decide what modifiers you want for the final object. You made need to apply the current modifiers depending on what those modifiers do. You have not supplied a link to the blend file so we don’t know what those modifiers are

You can also parent those objects to an empty that will be animated to move/rotate of course. You parent with Ctrl+P.

Now I reckon you are making a turntable for rendering, so I suggest instead of making the car rotate it would be much easier for you to make camera rotate or even to follow a path which could also be a circle nevertheless.

Yeah what was really happening is that when I was trying to merge them, the mirror modifiers wasnt working, so I needed to apply all the modifiers before the merging, thank you for that. I didnt think about it :wink: