Need help about realistic snow

I am planing to do a short animation and a still shot including a snow covered castle and hills and mountains behind it,but I need help with realistic snow in animation and still shot.So if someone knows any way to do it please post it.Also,tutorials are welcome.

Thanks :smiley: [/quote]

falling snow?
make a cube
add more vertices if desired
go to animation buttons
add effect to the cube
set it to particle
set the z motion to a negative value to go down (in the bottom left i think)
it should make a simple snow like halo, adding a material with halo set will let you modify that
set the rand value to 0.01 or something like that
That should work I am going from memory.

also you may want to use halo particles with a rainbow clouds texture. or you could go download Jasons snow generator blend at michaels blends. ( sorry you will have to google for it. )

try a snow-texture or
duplique ur mesh and ADD MAT Halo or
ALT+SKEY on some faces
or ^^ ?