Need Help about Yafaray 0.1.1 and blender 2.49b???

I’m new user for blender. I have question about yafary in blender 2.49.
I can you yafaray by choose Render (in menu on top) > Yafaray Export …
But :

1.In my Render tab in blender. Didn’t have tab for choosing between blender render and yafaray? I have seen in some tutorial they have this tap.
2. I use Node editor for seperate render layers. But it can’t use with yafary,isn’t it?

Now, Do they have yafaray for blender 2.53?

Thank you for all answer

Yafaray is not Yafray. The tutorial must talk about Yafray , an older photorealistic renderer .

There is no export from 2.5 beta 3 to Yafaray because it is too early.
2.5 beta 3 was released Yesterday. It is only a beta and it is the first.

All your basic questions about Yafaray can found an answer in official Yafaray Documentation in official site.
Take a look , here.

Oh Thank you so much. I just newbie for blender. I confuse because of a lot of information that found in google. Thank you agian