Need help, accidently deleted the top menu.

I went into the file opener to delete an excess file and it appeared I accidently deleted the top menu clean off instead and get an arror saying connot find blanguages, anyway I can get it back, I looked in the Recycle bin. :-? :frowning:

Does it show the user preferences buttons there now? It may help if you rephrase what happened because I am for one confused. Did you delete a file in the blender directory? Or did you right-click and click “No header”?

BTW, user prefences buttons would say View & Controls, Edit Methods, etc…

When I open now it has only 2 windows instead of three, the button menu and the 3D view, I don’t remember clicking an option called no-header and a blender file that holds the menus in the top header is what was likely accidently deleted.

Check to see if your .b.blend file was deleted. If it was, you could reinstall Blender or if you want you can use mine. I’ve added a new theme to mine and lots of extra screens.

the can’t find .blanguages error causes the window to be cut off

it is still there, resize the window

in the long run:
right-click on your blender shortcut
choose properties
make the “start in” directory your blender directory, for example
“C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender”

that directory should contain the proper directories, and the error should be gone

It sounds like maybe you just got rid of the top frame? If you did, simply move your mouse towards the top of the window. Your mouse icon will change into a double arrow (On windows at least). If you right-Click there, you can choose “Split Window”. Then simply change the window type by clicking the icon in the header on the far left.

shbaz is right… you’d move your cursor to the left or to the right side of the screen, not the top, to split the window.

Actually - if this were the case he’d want to split horizontally, from the right side, right?

I resized the window and the menu appeared then went back to full size and it stayed :slight_smile:

I still get the error even after that though but hey it gets the menu back.