Need Help Animating a Cloud Texture

I am trying to learn how to color and animate a cloud texture so it looks similar to this video.

I tried animating the X,Y,Z of the texture but that just moved the texture to the left or right. But how do I color it and animate it like in the video link above so the holes grow and move like they do in the video?


You used the materials button in the IPO editor ? Also there should be color selections there. If you need the steps written let me know. Holes grow ? I"m not sure. For realistic movement you only need 2 axis. X Y . I hope This helps

It should ‘bloom’ just by animating the Z axis only. there is a tutorial here

There is also the alternative of mapping to ‘Object’, and animating that object that the texture is mapped to in 3D space. So animating that object coming toward, or going away from the camera, would have a billowing effect.

kazinger and Modron Thanks for the great suggestions. It’s late here so I’ll try this tomorrow. :slight_smile: