need help animating fire along a path

I’m trying to do an animation of a rope that is lit at one end and with time catches fire along the whole legnth of the rope and stays burning. I’ve managed to get the fire to move along the rope.

Problem is i can’t get the rope to stay burning at the sections that should already have been lit. The fire just moves along the rope . how do i get the rope to stay lit and burning.

Hope i make sense.

I would dupliframe your emitter mesh along the rope so that it looks like the whole rope is burning. Put the dupliframed objects on a hidden layer and then keyframe the layer (switch to a visible layer) of each object so it appears at the right time to look like the rope is advancing along your rope. I’m sure there are other solutions as well eg: with time offsets.


i would say that your problem is that you haven’t got the life of your particles high enough, so they are dying as the fire moves and thats why its not staying ‘lit’


As an observer, I can see where both problems may be true. The life of the particals is too short, and the emitter is moving along the path. I would suggest you incorporate both suggestions.

Pardon my ignorance but how do i key frame the layer(s). All i know about blender animation so far is what GreyBeard covered in one of his tuts. Unfortunately i haven’t been able to use that knowledge to help me with key framing a layer.

I’ll be glad if someone can take me through a simple animation where something -a cube say- appears and disappears.


You key frame layers the same way as anything else. Go to frame 1 press the “i” key (with the object selected) and select layer. The layer your object is on is recorded. Go to say frame 21 and then change the layer of your object. Press “i” again to record the layer at this frame. Set your IPO curve type to constant (this was shown in the tutorial) so that the layer switch is instantaneous.


Well Greybeard replied before I finished it but anyway:


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