Need help armaturing a cartoon body!

I’ve been working on making a body for the past few weeks now, and I just cant seem to make the armatures work. I can make a body good enough for what I want, since I am going cartoony, but when bent at more than 30 deg. the arms bend like a pipe, getting thinner at the bend site. I am also wondering how best to clothe the people. I dont want to use softbodys becuase they are kinda slow to work with, and again it is a cartoon, and they frustrate me, but they would in the end look the coolest. Right now I am just making shirts and pants from cubes and what not. WAAAAAHHH!!!

Allrighty, please help me before I pull out all my hair!


I’m not sure what the problem is, but I think it may be that there can’t be a vertex parented to more than 1 bone, so say if you have a root bone, then the root bone would only have the verts which all the other bones don’t have.

And also all the joints need to be separated

The bendy arm problem sounds normal. As you say, it’s like bending a pipe and that’s what Blender is basically doing.

The old way to deal with it was to put an extra bone in the joint and it would control the deformation to a degree. The new way (2.4) is to use driven shape keys to “swell” the joint when you rotate the bone.

I can’t tell you more because that’s about as much as I know about it. Toloban is the master in this area. Look up some of his recent posts on Elysiun where he discusses the pros and cons of both methods.

Look here:

Of course, you could always weight paint the joint properly and that will generally yield an acceptable deformation.

Weight paint is not enough for about more than 30°
Shape keys can be used. This was answered here:

I have got the body down, now How do I do clothing. I tried to do just a mesh parented to the same armature as the body, but yeah didnt work well, I also tried making clothing from planes and putting on armatures, worked ok but draped funny and didnt bounce of when body moved. WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?