Need Help ASAP: How to scale Armature without ruining actions/animations?

So I’v been working on a character I want to use in Unreal Engine but I found out very late into animating the character that I made the meshes and armature microscopic (0.002 of a meter). Naturally I scaled the armature and everything was fine until it came to applying the scale (when exporting the scale is automatically applied in Unreal and does the same thing), the meshes turn into a giant mess and the animations are destroyed. Is there any way to apply the transform without ruining the animations? I’v made a few over the course of about 2 weeks and do not want to restart, setbacks like this usually cause me to become very discouraged and unmotivated and I really don’t want that to happen as I know I may end up giving up and I really don’t want that, not after I’v put more then 2ish months of time into modeling and animating.

can you give sample file ?

basically you just need scale f-curves location

how do i scale f-curve locations? i dont really know much about blender aside from modeling and basic animating w/ keyframes

You click on the link and follow the instructions there :wink: seriously though your question is fully answered by the previous reply, check it out

The solution offered is pretty good, but can be improved slightly: the easiest way to see location keyframes is to use the filter box and text filter by “loc”. Assuming you don’t have any bones named loc-something… And the best way to place the cursor is via the sidebar. Might have something to do with the fact that answer was written five years ago, maybe these improvements came with a newer version.

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