Need help at UV-unwrapping of Minions trousers!

I’m currently working on a Minion and finally came to the materials and also to the texturing. But the UV-unwrapping does not really work how I want it to work. My goal is to get the blue fabric texture roughly even placed all over his trousers without big vissible seams. Could sombody give me a tip or something? :wink:
My actual unwrap, the mesh of the trousers and the .blend file are attached…

Minions1.blend (1.76 MB)

Well, (after applying scale in object mode with ctrl+A -> scale and getting rid of the n-gons from the bottom) you could do it like this

which (mostly) keeps the seams away from the front and there is no stretching.
This creates new problem though: UVs don’t cover very satisfactory area unless you mirror (fold) the big UV island and then scale further, which you can’t do because of subdivision. It would need a seam there and that is what you wanted to avoid.

However, avoiding seams is not always the number one goal when unwrapping. Avoiding stretching and making sense of it is more important. You can then get rid of the seams by either using a clone brush to paint out seams in the image texture, or use another UV map and create a mask to hide the seams.

Thanks alot for the answer and the work. For the beginnig a clean front is good enough, but I’m really interested in how to hide this seams with another UV map or with the clone brush. I’ve no clue how this should work… Could you roughly explain that to me? :wink: